I have had an amazing life! I’ve suffered much pain from my sins, others sinning against me and life traumas that have affected me emotionally, physically and mentally. For many years I was deceived about who I am. I was a victim of the father of lies, Satan. I fell for his lies, hook, line and sinker. I grew up in church, but I was never taught about demons, deliverance, spiritual warfare or “how” to renew my mind.

I learned how to perform well so I would be accepted and loved. However, what I thought was love is not love. Deep in my subconscious mind, my identity was “rejected.” Everything I thought, felt and did was filtered through that lie from the enemy. Fortunately for me, God had another plan for my life. His love pursued me until I said, “Yes”!

The moment I asked Jesus to be the Lord of my life everything began to change. It didn’t happen over night, but when I looked back on the changes in me I’m in awe. What love! What mercy! What grace! Love came down and rescued me!

On this amazing journey with God, He has allowed me to participate with Him as He pursues others who are hurting and broken like I was. My Abba Daddy lets me tell His story in me to others who need to be rescued from the lies of the enemy.

I’m thankful for the experience I have in ministry to others. I’m thankful for the biblical education I have. I’m thankful for the credentials I have that allow me to go through doors that would not normally be open to me. However the one thing I am most grateful for is the revelation Jesus gave me about my true identity. Now that I am truly free from the lies of the enemy I know that I am His beloved daughter. My Father in heaven had me on His mind before He created the universe. The same is true for all of His sons and daughters.

In a dream I had a few years ago, I dreamt that God was changing my name. In the dream He had me write down the name so I would remember when I woke up. The name He gave me was “Consuelo.” In Spanish it means hope and consolation. Who better than me to tell others about the hope and consolation of Jesus the Messiah. The truth really does set us free. All we have to do is renew our minds daily with these steps.

  1. RECOGNIZE that we are deceived
  2. REPENT for listening to a liar and believing the lies
  3. REJECT each lie
  4. REPLACE the lie with the truth according to God
  5. RENEW your mind by continually rejecting the lies and choosing truth

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” – Romans 5:13